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    Weixian Huaxing Plastic Equipment Factory
    Add:Xingtai City, Hebei Wei County Economic Development Zone, Ziqiang Road No. 6
    Tel:0319-6186688 6186666
    After service phone:0319-6186677
    Sales Manager:Zhang Wei
    Weixian Huaxing Plastic Equipment Factory in North China's sealing strip production line of professional manufacturers, is located in Hebei Province, Xingtai City Economic Development Zone of Weixian County Ziqiang Road, State Road 106 east. The existing 65 staff, including scientific and technical personnel 10, senior engineer 3. Over the years, determined in the R & D, production of rubber extruder, rubber continuous vulcanization system, gained brilliant success. The main products are silica gel extruding machine, three yuan of ethylene-propylene rubber extruder, three yuan of second sealing strip production line. Products are mainly sold to Shanghai, Beijing, Qing Dao, Hengshui and other domestic large and medium-sized city and Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other foreign countries.
    The company won the 2005 Hebei province science and Technology Bureau" science and technology enterprises " title, Hebei Province products are quality and Price Bureau identified as the quality of trust product R & D, production, only in 2011 eight products obtained national patent.
    Weixian Huaxing Plastic Equipment Factory Seiko manufacturing: mixer, extruder, rubber extruder, plastic extruder, twin screw extruder, cold feed extruder, cable equipment, electrical equipment, doors and windows sealing strip ( strip ) equipment, rubber equipment, plastic pipe equipment, silicone tube, silicone equipment, equipment three EPDM seal equipment ( production line ). Automotive sealing strip ( strip ) equipment, steel equipment ( production line ), glue machine, rubber equipment, PPR equipment, rubber equipment, twin screw extruder, plastic steel door and window profile equipment, sealing strip production line, electrical equipment, rubber equipment, rubber and plastic products. The company recently developed a new product: cold feed rubber five sets of composite cable automatically sulfide production lines, cold feed rubber extruder, rubber strips automatically sulfide production lines, PVC sealing strip production line.
    The company advanced equipment, superb technology, quality products, good after-sales service to customers over the years by the praise. " To use the equipment, choose a professional", look forward to working with you!
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    Add:Xingtai City, Hebei Wei County Economic Development Zone, Ziqiang Road No. 6  Tel:0319-6186688 6186666 Mobile:15612936666